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Here are links to some of our favorite sites.

An excellent website in Mexico, founded and maintained by Rafael Figueroa Hernandez. You can find information, books, instruments etc at this very informative site.

Conjunto Jardin - Nuevo Son Jarocho
The site of Conjunto Jardin, an excellent exponent of the evolving son jarocho, utilizing a blending of acoustic, electronic and percussion instrumentation. 

Mono Blanco
Mono Blanco is  at the vanguard of the Movimiento Jaranero, and has been for many years.

Conjunto Tenocelomeh
This is a conjunto jarocho based in Los Angeles, California. They have a very informative website.

Desierto Son
This is a group based in Mexicali, B.C. Mexico which plays a beautiful mix of jaranero and more 'Tierra Blanca' style son jarocho.

A very informative site with interviews, information on jarana building, and insight into the son jarocho.


Victor Siono
Based in Mexicali, Baja California, Mexico, Victor Siono is a laudero building such jarocho instruments such as jaranas of various sizes, requintos (or guitarra de son), leonas and marimboles (a large version of the Kalimba, or African Thumb Piano).

Jorge Mijangos
Web link pending.  Jorge Mijangos is a Ventura, California based maker of jaranas and guitarras de son.  Mijangos makes very high quality instruments designed to last many many years.  He uses traditional woods and designs, and is an innovator of new stringing patterns.

Ricardo Salazar
Ricardo Salazar makes very nice jaranas, guitarras de son, etc,. and his wife makes otstanding jarana and huitara de son cases in standard and custom sizes. Soon they will be offering jarana straps made with materials from Veracruz, Mexico and Cuzco, Peru. Well worth a visit.


Guadalupe Custom Strings
The leading maker of strings for latin folk and other instruments is Guadalupe Custom Strings in El Sereno, CA. They are the one of few stringmakers in the US who still do custom work suited to a particular instrument or its player. They are also musicians themselves, and as such place pride in their products.


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